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June 24, 2020 17:56

Mac OS Big Sur Is The Next Officially Apple 11.0

Apple leaving mac OS X and moving 11.0 on Big Sur Operating system. They have announced that changing many mac OS features and overall look.

Mac OS Big Sur Is The Next Officially Apple 11.0

Latest Version of MacOS Software

  1. macOS Big Sur is the latest version of Apple Mac operating system
  2. Its latest updates include new designs to the safari web browser and better privacy system.
  3. The updated version of macOS Big Sur includes better messaging technology in which users can pin their most visited messages and they can also tag people in group conversations.
  4. The Updated version also includes some small but more latest features like users can optimized their battery charging and Air pods can automatically switch their devices.

In the worldwide Apple Developer Conference they announced the change in Apple's Safari browser. They announced that they changed the overall look of macOS and they improved the messaging app as mentioned above. Apple considers the macOS Big Sur it’s biggest update in its safari browser.

The biggest update is customization in Safari browsers users can change the background and set up their favorite wallpapers.

Translation Features
Apple introduces translation features in which users can translate their content in seven foreign languages just like chrome.

Memoji Stickers
Mac iOS can use Memoji stickers during conservation. 

Updated Design
New updated design of macOS Big Sur has a controlling system on the top right corner of the toolbar where users can find do not disturb mode , Wi-Fi and many more options.

Reminder App Update
The reminder app updated version will let you allot a mnemonic to members of a shared list.

Weather app
Weather app help you to determine the upcoming conditions of weather within every minute.

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