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July 02, 2020 23:56

Grammarly Review: Is The Grammarly Still Worth Buying In 2020

Grammarly Review - Today we are sharing our experience on Grammarly. Is it an only grammar checking tool and worth buying in 2020?

Grammarly Review: Is The Grammarly Still Worth Buying In 2020

Are you a non-native English writer? But still, want to win more jobs and make your career as a freelance writer? Great idea!

But only good ideas won't work for you if your job proposal is full of grammatical mistakes and errors. You might ask "Zeeshan" then should I stop thinking about freelance writing? Not today!

In this digital world, there are a lot of handy tools available that help writers to spice-up their content. To save your valuable time, in today's interesting topic, we're going to talk about the famous grammar checking tool called Grammarly.

By using this powerful and secret weapon you can write grammatical and error-free content. And we know that:

" The Well-Written Article = The More Readers You Bring "
However, the question comes to mind, does it work accurately in 2020, or is it just another program out there? Should you need to buy its premium version? Well, you'll read all these questions briefly but before we start our exciting journey, do you want to explore Grammarly from scratch and know how it works? Let's get straight to the point.

Grammarly — Write Like A Ninja

It is an advanced software that is made by professional linguists. It is powered by Al which is excellently programmed with the help of special algorithms to read through a sentence structure and locate the possible errors.

Want to know the best part?

It has the potential to find and fix up to 10✕ more errors and blunders than your word processor. Not just this, If you want to make your essay plagiarism free before submitting it, Grammarly plagiarism tools will get you covered and check your essay against over 16 billion web pages. Mind-boggling right?

Besides, did you write a sentence and it doesn't sound great as you thought? Not a big problem, just double click on the word and select the suitable synonyms without going to hot water. Thanks to its fast AI support, you're smart to find over 250 types of grammatical errors in no time. And it comes up with real-time feedback, helpful guidance to fix your grammar issues.

Apart from it, the amazing software allows you to analyze the cause behind the mistake. This powerful feature is best for all those who want to improve their grammar and don't want to repeat the same errors.

Talking more about it, you have the full right to decide whether you want to make changes or not. But bear in mind, Grammarly is just a helpful tool and can't be replaced with a human proofreader. Don’t blindly believe what Grammarly shows. if you're the one who doesn't have a good grip on the English language, then please don’t expect Grammarly to guide you on how to write an A+ piece of copy or essay.

However, if you're the one who uses Grammarly as a writing-assistant instead of a writing-instructor, then definitely Grammarly will hold your back in every situation.

Why Only Grammarly?

On Google, you might find a lot of grammar checker tools like Grammarly then why do we ONLY recommend Grammarly to you? There are a lot of reasons behind it. Want to explore what features make Grammarly a must-have in 2020? Let's have a look at it.

Free Version Available

From checking grammatical mistakes to improving your vocabulary, everything can be done in the free version. However, if you're looking for advanced writing feedback, you can get the help of a premium version at a reasonable cost.

Eagled-Eyed AI Proofreader

Because of its strong AI algorithm, it is smart to catch small punctuation and grammar mistakes. Real-time feedback helps you to improve your writing skill effectively.

Fast and Accurate Plagiarism Detector

Whether you're writing for someone's blog or going to publish your first Ebook, you must check your text in Grammarly premium for plagiarism before hitting the publish button, because sometimes we think our content is unique, but unluckily no, it isn’t. Keep in mind, this feature can't be used in the free version.

Suggest Power Words

Weak adjectives make your compelling essay weak and boring. What is the solution? Get Grammarly premium and change your weak words to power words. What are Power words? Power words work like a cheat code that boosts your conversation rate dramatically, jot down a few, and turn your boring words into effective words and play with the reader's emotions.

The Premium version also indicates overused words and recommends you replace it with something more compelling.

Passive Voice Checker

Read these two lines:

Passive Voice: The article is written by James

Active Voice: James wrote an article

As you can perceive, the active voice sounds more interesting and engaging. 

Thanks to Grammarly, you can also make your content more precise and engaging. Just follow the Grammarly tool suggestion carefully and boom you're done.

Set Writing Goals

What does it mean? Let me help you.

You can wear a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt if you're at home but can you wear them for your business meeting? No, we can't.

Same as the case, if you're writing business stuff, you must come up with a formal tone. However, if you're going to write a letter to your family member, you can change your goal to causal or conversational. So, If you're looking for someone to look over your shoulder while you are writing stuff  — you should buy Grammarly premiums to get free and proven writing suggestions based on your aims and readers. 

You're smart to set the following goals to get the most out of your work.

  • ○ Academic
  • ○ Business
  • ○ General
  • ○ Email
  • ○ Casual
  • ○ Creative

Amazing Desktop app

Another great feature of this amazing tool is that it is also available for desktop and Mac users. The desktop app is simple, fast, and easy to use. All you have to do is to upload your document and wait for the magic.

Plus, it's easy to download, visit the page, and follow on-page instructions to download this advanced tool in no time.

Microsoft Word

If you mostly write on Microsoft Word then Grammarly add-in is just made for you. Download it and get enrolled in the competition. Competition? Yes, To improve your grammar and writing, Grammarly will suggest you best ways to improve your skill, follow it —work on it and compete with yourself. Believe me or not, it is the best and most entertaining way to improve your grammar.

Browser Extension

Do you mostly write on the WordPress dashboard (Like me)? Well, get the browser extension through most comfortable way and break down your long and boring sentences to short because:

" Short sentences are easy to read and understand. "

The best part of this?

By adding Grammarly extension to Chrome, you can use its entire feature while chatting on WhatsApp, Facebook, Quora, etc. This involves Gmail, giving you help when you are typing an email and even compatible with Google Docs.

Grammarly Keyboard for iOS and Android

Thinking to share your ideas on LinkedIn? Download the Grammarly Keyboard for your Smartphone and write with confidence.

Why the only Grammarly keyboard for my device? 

Good question, it has some unique features that other apps don't have, as it comes with a swipe typing feature that makes it possible to write a quick reply to a partner without waiting. 

Features are not ended yet!

Like Grammarly web, it suggests suitable synonyms and sends you a short and helpful explanation for mistakes. Unique right? To give you more easiness, it has dark and light themes and offers a personal directory to save new words. Plus, accessible for both iOS and Android users.

How Much Does Grammarly Charge in 2020?

As we discuss below, the free version of the Grammarly won't hurt your pocket. It is free to use. But if you want to get something out of the box, then you should give a chance to a premium version.

Here is everything you need to know about Grammarly plans to get most out of it.

  • ○   Get monthly subscription by paying $29.95 per month
  • ○   Get quarterly subscription by paying $19.98 per month (billed as one payment of $59.95)
  • ○   Get annual subscription by paying $11.66 per month (billed as one payment of $139.95)

Should You Switch to Grammarly Premium?

Of course, but wait:

Are you short on budget? Just landed in the writing field? If yes then go for the free version and check your skills to know whether you need a premium version or not.

However, if you get a big project or and have enough money, try the premium version. Because sometimes the things we pay for it work better than the free ones.

The premium version has more features than a free tool. You can't check the plagiarism report in the free version but in premium, you'll be smart to check your content uniqueness before hitting the send button.

In short:

If you're serious about your writing and want to achieve rock-solid results, Grammarly premium deserves a try. I'm pretty confident, after trying this advanced tool, you won't look for another cheap tool.

Summing Up the Review

Do you know? People having excellent writing skills are recognized as more authentic and honest. Let me teach with the help of a short example. Just close your eyes for a while and imagine yourself as your boss.

Assume that you posted a job and now you received a proposal where you noticed grammatical mistakes and blunders. Will you hire that person? Never.

Same as the case, No one will give you a job if your proposal or email is full of small mistakes and errors. That's why we strongly recommend you Grammarly.

However, I love this digital proofreader but...

The result of Grammarly is not always accurate as we might think and doesn't take the place of a real proofreader —That's why I still love to work with real proofreaders especially for the longer texts. 

Did you like this awesome Grammarly review? Any questions or suggestions for us? Kindly, share this article and show your love.

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