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July 18, 2020 20:08

Google Meet Review: Google Meet is now killing Zoom in 2020

Here is everything you need to know about Google meet before you try it. And our thoughts about Zoom VS Google Meet!

Google Meet Review: Google Meet is now killing Zoom in 2020

Nowadays, online video conferences or meetings have become an essential need of every single person. May it be your job, presentation, class, or you just want your friends to have a gathering, you would need an easy-to-use, good quality app to conduct such a meeting.

Are you one of them? Searching for a good source of communication in this pandemic? Do you have to organize formal meetings online? Here is the solution!

Well, you may find a lot of apps offering good official video meeting platforms. But here we're going to discuss Google Meet, which is killing Zoom in 2020. Bewildered? Let's break each element down.

Google Meet — Have a smooth video Meeting

Google Meet is one of the official Google apps that are proposed for video meetings. It provides an online video conference platform in which you can have a lot of members at a time. This app operates both on PC and on mobile.

Want to know the best part? 

Google meet allows you to present an excellent quality video and audio for longer durations. The video is up to 30 fps. Audio in the meeting is free from echo or any doublings of voice even if a lot of people are talking at the same time.

It allows you to present your home screen of mobile or laptop while continuing for the audio simultaneously. Further, you can even show a video, images, or anything on a presentation using the chrome as well. While presenting a tab on chrome, you can even switch between the tabs also.

Further, you can choose any layout for the video conference! Google meet has recently introduced a tiled layout feature. In this, you can see up to 16 participants at a time during a meeting. Amazing!

The most worthy feature is its availability on Gmail! You don't have to put up a separate link or leave your Gmail while attending a meeting. Also, there is no need to switch between the meetings and Gmail inbox or any other app. You can run both apps simultaneously.

Besides, Google meet runs equally great on mobile as on laptop! This app has a special low-light mode for mobile users in case of dim light in surroundings. What else? The whole of your crew can have a live chat as the app offers a participant limit of up to 250 persons at a time.

Free for Everyone 

Google Meet is free for everyone! Although the offer is valid up to 30th September, yet the app is offering an unlimited number of meetings with each Meeting having up to 100 participants for 24 hours always free. Amazing! 

Besides, after 30th September, Google meet is charging only $10 for active meet users per month for a maximum meeting length of 300 hours and the number of participants being 150. Also, G Suite Enterprise Essentials will charge only $20 per month for meetings of a maximum 300 hours length and 250 participants per meeting.

Meet in Gmail 

Another worth mentioning feature is the availability of Google Meet within the Gmail. You can start or join a Google meeting any time by just opening your Gmail. You don't have to download a separate app to have your crew on Google meet. Just open up your Gmail and start meeting. 

Moreover, you can add participants by sharing the pin, code, or link through any app with your friends. Quite easy! Google meet will ask permission from the host to allow the participants to be added.

Join any Google Meeting With Just a Single Code 

If your teacher or friends have started a Google meet, you can join the meeting by just entering a single code. Would you have to go to Google meet app to join or click on to link? Well, this is not the only option. You can just open the join a meeting option on your Gmail. Enter the meeting code, and here you go!

Google Meet Outlook Feature

Google meet offers its users to add any video meeting to Outlook or Microsoft apps. If you are using Google meet from school or any other organization, you have to install Meet add-in or DriveFS to get the Meeting on Outlook emails. 

Moreover, if the Meeting is organized via a G Suite account as an Outlook event, you can join a meeting by phone dialing the included number. Even participants can be added from outside the organization but with the permission of the host. 

Also, you can schedule a meeting as an Outlook event and then invite or add guests in it by sharing the code.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Meeting

Have a look at another unique feature of Google meet! You can use keyboard shortcuts during the meeting as well. You can turn on or off your camera by clicking on ctrl+ e. Also, press ctrl+ d to turn on or off your microphone. 

Further, you can announce the participant who is currently speaking by pressing shift+ ctrl+ Alt + a, and then s. Do you want to announce any current information about the room? Just press shift+ ctrl+ Alt + a, and then i. I have not found any other video conference conducting app providing so many features!

Zoom or Google Meet—Which one is Best?

Zoom is another leading app for online video conferences. Here is a small comparison of both! 

Zoom is no doubt doing a great job in creating successful and enjoyable quality video conferences. However, Zoom seems to be a bit more expensive than Google meet. In the Google Meet, you can share chat as well without turning on your microphones as well. 

Both the apps are quite easy to use, and you don't have to learn much to operate either, but I found Google meet a bit easy to use, as it is simple, easy accessibility to microphone and sound options, and the dashboard has not many options. 

Besides, Zoom can enter up to 500 participants at a time. But Google Meet cannot. Google meet also provides the Gmail account option to proceed.

However, the Zoom will only have the outlook account to proceed. You can open Google meet via chrome as well, but the zoom has to be downloaded. 

Further, I found that a good point in Google Meet that you can pin any participant's video or content that you want to see. Zoom app shares all the videos at a time. Further, Google meet offers several different layouts that you can choose according to your choice.

Final Thoughts

Google meet presents the best platform for anyone sitting at home to continue his work, conferences, interviews, or simple gatherings of friends in the most desirable way. This app is best in the context of both the audio and video quality. You won't experience any echo of sound or blurring of the camera. 

Further, the availability of Google meets on Outlook, and Microsoft makes it quite useful if you are working from school or office. Also, this app is free of cost for a lot of participants. Mobile users can even enjoy low-light mode features. 

This app has helped me a lot in attending daily classes, presenting my work, and also bringing my crew together! Give it a whirl if you want easiness in your social life.

Now I'd like to turn things over to you. Have you ever used Zoom? What do you think about which platform is best in 2020? Share your thoughts in the comment section to help your fellows.

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