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June 25, 2020 18:13

Game : Battle of Brain The Trivia Royale

Real battle of brain with face of thousands online players around the globe. You have to strike out more players to become a Royale. Its available on Android & IOS stores.

Game : Battle of Brain The Trivia Royale

It is the latest quiz game with advanced features. The best trademark of the Trivia Royale Game is it is a knowledgeable game with enough competition between players that build your interest to play this game more.

Its current rating is 4.7/5 and reviews are also very great.it is a Quizup Game  in which 1000 players in a tournament they play head to head with each other in initial stages the battle includes 5 questions these questions have multiple choices based upon tiktok, super heroes, general knowledge,  movies many more things.

Players have to select the correct option as fast as he can to get into the next round and earn more points. The last question of round one contains double points if you answered wrong you are out of the battle. Players have 10 seconds to answer in the tournament. When the points between players are the same after 5 questions then there is a tiebreaker and those players who answer faster get to the next round. 

The pool of 1000 players drops as the rounds proceeds it drops 500 to 250 then 50 players when the pool drops to 32 players then the players sifted to a top player club known as  VIP lounge.

The final round consists of only 2 players. The player who wins the Trivia Royale final round wins a Crown that will be shown on the winning player avatar. App developed by TeaTime Games!

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